Tuesday, 31 January 2012

To Have by pete marshall

To Have
by pete marshall

Entice the will that rules the mind
as spoils gleam through tarnished eyes
for all that glitters, hope wants gold
where from the depths their greed will rise
on bodies crushed beneath their perch
a force that hides its fearfulness,
empowers rage to rear itself,
to smite the meek who they possess.

No more the kin of bonds that tie
as price will pay their chosen whim
then chew the fat of those who fail
to feel the charge that flows within.

Tempers fall on weakened pawns
when bile thrusts its brooding glare,
pennies sent from heavens purse
will line the streets of those who dare
for powers rage is Satan’s curse
hid beyond their strengthened walls,
a conscience hemmed and lost to greed
that beats the weak and shits on fools.


image courtesy creative commons flikr


Brian Miller said...

you could very easily have written this about life and the political animal on this side of the pond...good to see verse by you pete...hope you are well...

♥ dulce ♥ said...

WOW and sigh--- and yes little can we do to change it- lots by beautifully stating, though as you do

great to read you back Peter

Hope said...

vultures I say! emotion filled piece! well
hope all is well with you and your!