Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Lord have mercy on us

"Lord Have Mercy On Us"
a poem by Pete Marshall

Darkness falls on cobbled streets
That lead to doors of deep despair
The bell is rang for those that died
As wafts of death pollute the air

A heavy cart that trundles on
Collects the love that fell away
As Royals feast in silver halls
And chew the fat of life’s decay

The fires roar and warm their bones
Whilst bells are tolled and paupers roam
And streets are paved with others gold
Who hike the rates beyond two fold

A weary beast that pulls his load
As master sits with whip in hand
Is led beyond the outer walls
To bury hope amongst the damned

The petals fall from flowered stems
Of roses sung in lullaby’s
The pits are filled from broken homes
And dreams that lived and slowly died


Originally posted at One Stop Poetry 25th Sep 2010

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