Monday, 9 January 2012

Tintagel - Birthplace of Arthur
by pete marshall

Perched high upon this jutting cliff
The flint felt hard upon my feet
I lay with lizards and basked in warmth
As waves rose high and swirled beneath

Across the bay the castle walls
That stand in time & in a time
Many have been and dabbled with myths
Whilst taking steps to do the climb

Below the surf strikes on the rocks
And hides the cave where magic lies
As people wait for seas to drift
And search for quartz beneath the tides

The rolling slopes and ragged crags
Engulf the isle that now lays calm
Where once was death and battles fought
And magic brought the golden one

My eyes search out the fabled tales
As colours blend upon this land
And birds that swoop in endless song
From grass & rock to sea & sand

Behind my back stands Barras Nose
Who’s clash is vain with battling seas
As heat comes down and warms my soul
I lower my head in prayer for thee

And those before and yet to come
Like beating drums within my mind
To find a place that brings you peace
Away from truths that take you home


Originally published One Stop Poetry 21st August 2010

image courtesy creative commons flickr 

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