Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Where are they now?

Where are they now?
a poem by Pete Marshall

Her back was slumped against the wall
of needled art on fresh tattoo
A taste of beer would wet her lips 
as smokes were passed amongst the crew
and velvet tunes would pump the streets
as cans were kicked in DM’d feet
and Lucy laughed and smoked the skunk
as minds would turn in disbelief
but stocking tops and ripped up seams
and high heeled chicks and thigh high dreams
were all a part of teenage scenes
where boys would pain and girls would scream

Heady daze and heady girls
whose makeup wore upon myself
and clubs would buzz off Soho streets
for midnight dates in backroom suites

Debbie stood and laughed aloud
she drew the vibes from passing crowds
who threw her looks of dread and fear
her leather worn and makeup smeared
Jon would watch in silent stream
he liked the times with me and Dean
but never touched the liquid stuff
that rushed our nose and made us laugh
or smoked the stuff that Lucy sank
or drew on lines we paid with thanks
or took the pills and coloured tabs
or threw his life on needled jabs.


Originally published at One Stop Poetry 27th Nov 2010

This poem was a homage to my youth, way back in 1983, when I used to visit the Batcave, a club in Soho, London and be....a Goth....some great and sad memories...good times and bad....I saw so many things happening around me and although I kept my head clear others suffered for it....and I wonder, Where are they now?

image care of creative commons flickr

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