Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Pride by Pete Marshall

by pete marshall

Within my grasp lies Eden's fruit
as apples bob in weary eyes,
that caught my breath, its hidden guise
to choke where snakes would slither by.
Upon my hands are hardened lines
that fortune wrote when luck would smile,
who shamed my soul with her beguile
then left me high but never dry!

Within my heart lies judgement day
where names are tossed upon a pile,
a random path, a lonely mile, 
darkened thoughts that fight denial.
This life exhumed upon the pyre
that burns with hate from vicious liars,
their webs are spun to feed desire
then leave us spent, betrayed, expired!


This is my poem for One Shot Wednesday, part of One Stop Poetry, a fantastic place where poetry is shared, discovered and enjoyed.

It was a year ago when I got together with a few friends and discussed this project and look how it has grown! One Stop Poetry is a place created for people to enjoy the arts and explore their creative side.

Today it is hosted by Leslie Moon who has made a great point, what we do is for the love of art and the promotion of poetry. We give our time freely for you to have a place where you can enjoy and express yourselves too.

From a personal point of view One Stop has always been a place where ego's do not survive, it is a place where there is only one winner, the Arts, and particularly  poetry. 

On a different vein, yesterday I started work!! Yes, this is a surprise, I have a months contract but this is a start. My passion for One Stop remains, as does my passion for poetry but money needs to be earned. My dream was to turn One Stop into an online magazine, earning an income for those that put so much time into it on a daily basis, but what has happened is One Stop has formed itself into a community, a wonderful community,  but maybe their are still legs in that dream. Thanks for listening....pete


image courtesy creative commons flickr

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Storm by Pete Marshall

by pete marshall

As darkened skies begin to close
storms have gathered in the bay,
 winds that whip, that swirl & sway,
boats that rock upon the waves.
I felt like shit upon the pier,
my hate would spill from deep inside
to spew out forth on your denial
where dreams were thrust through ones desire.

You bitch, you whore, you brazen slut
that played my cock and left me sore,
and licked those lips where once I spent
just left me quivering on the floor.

The gulls have flown as waves still rise,
the cracks, the roar within the skies,
 pain that grabs between my eyes,
dreams are hate I now despise.

Beneath the waves still crash and spray
as I would ride a freakin whore,
who knew the game, who screamed for more,
who stroked my arse to sell her cause.
The boats still float on ravaged seas
as lightening strikes a figure head,
a bolt is cast that strikes her face 
that leaves me short in angered breath.


I haven't been around lately, and life has had a few downs for me too! Today's poem is the first poem I have written since I last posted on my blog, about 3 weeks ago! Things haven't been too good on the unemployment front, everything is starting to catch up, not just the unsecured debts but also the mortgage! A long story that perhaps I will relate some other day.

Today's poem is an angry scream that spits venom at lady luck and the hand she has played.

Its also been a while since I have been involved in One Shot Wednesday, mainly because things had taken such a turn for the worse at home that I just could not face being involved.

All the best.....Pete


image courtesy creative commons flickr