Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Touched: A poem by pete marshall

by pete marshall

Touched by a walk through the bustling streets
lights that shine bright on the joys that we seek
laughter rings loud from the young & naive
yet darkness draws near on a cold Winters Eve

Touched by the wealth of those who walk free
unshackled by debt and goodwill to all thee
credit secured that brings forth some reprieve
yet darkness draws near on a cold Winters Eve

Touched by the brush of two lovers who speak
embracing in shadows in bars where they meet
dreams laced with passion as partners deceive
yet darkness draws near on a cold Winters Eve

Touched by the warmth of food that came forth
by fires that kindled and glowed in the hearth
of songs of our Lord and gifts we receive
yet darkness came home on a cold Christmas Eve


This year has had more downs than ups, and some of you know what the last few weeks have brought to the Marshall house, and, as optimistic as I try to remain, Saturday I went to town and just came straight back home!!!

Its hard being cheery all the time and at Christmas this is emphasized more. I felt low but so do so many others and whilst I had my reasons I was able to come home, talk to my wife, embrace my children and was back on track again, but for so many others this is not possible and with that in mind I dedicate this poem to those souls that are lost & lonely.


Today I also share this poem with dverse, especially my old friends from One Stop Poetry days, brian miller, claudia schonfeld, gay reiser-cannon who along with my brother, adam dustus and a very special friend in shan ellis, a collection of poetry, In The Presence of Poets, has been released.  For details of this publication please click on the following link

In The Presence of Poets


Thursday, 1 December 2011

Winters Blues by pete marshall

Winters Blues
by pete marshall

Leaves still cling upon the trees
as cloudless skies embellish rays
of sun that hovers low beneath
the Winter blues that shorten days

Breath encircles worried minds
that hang from spiders silken threads
that shimmer bright in morning light
yet in the shadows harbours death

Damp that settles on the ground
where grass & weeds are mulched as one
that sees the snakes go slither by
whilst Summers work is left undone

A child’s bike lays on its side
left alone to play no more
its wheels entwined with Winters grief
abandoned, broke, upon the floor

A veil is drawn passed waiting eyes
that looked beyond these changing times
where man once walked the beat of life
yet turned his back, we missed the signs

Where hope is lost to those that deem
when Winters wrath sunk Autumn dreams
and storms have battered withered souls
who slip from life before they go……


Elements in the news this week rekindled the pain of losing someone close. Depression is an illness, something that should never be taken lightly, something that is very close to my heart.