Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Back to Reality

Back to Reality
by pete marshall

The Drive was long but too much road
forced the eyes to stare ahead,
see not what the rear view found
but follow stars that shine instead,
and then the gas ran dry,
so I walked home,
but home was also dead.


This is my poem for oneshotwednesday, part of One Stop Poetry. Opens at 10pm tonight UK time

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Blues: a poem by pete marshall

The Blues
by pete marshall

Into the valley rode the 600
carrying the hope of all who came.
Blues would swirl on banners high,
drums would pound to beat their name.

Whistles blew as cries were heard
midst screams of man, their thumping hooves.
Flesh would sweat 'mongst blood & dirt,
defiant yells the charge let loose.

Tender years too young for war,
fought as one despite their pain.
With gritted teeth they battled on
to take the prize and win the game?


Those of you who know me on twitter, @petemarshall1, will be aware that I manage an under 10's soccer team. This Sunday, a win will see them win the league. 

Today's poem, The Blues, is for them, who have fought so hard this season and are on the brink of winning their first ever trophy.

This poem is also for One Shot Wednesday, part of One Stop Poetry, which opens tonight at 10pm, UK time  (5pm EST). If you love poetry, whether reading or writing then stop by and take a look.

image courtesy creative commons flickr

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sun, Sea & Sirens: A Poem by Pete Marshall

Sun, Sea & Sirens
by pete marshall

Her silken skin, a shoulder strap
slipped to show a hint of pink,
her thighs that sung a lilting tune
a sirens call where dreams would sink.

Too long I spent just looking past 
hidden from a shaded view,
where waters lapped a flowing beat
of dreams that floated on the blue.

Tousled thoughts & ruffled hair
beyond the beach her longing stare
behind the cool, abrasive wall
the lust of man, the wanting fool.


Today's One Shoot Sunday is a choice of 5 wonderful images by James Rainsford. I took option 5...

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hope No More: poetry by pete marshall

Hope No More
by pete marshall

The stars fell out the sky tonight
to sink beneath the estuary waves
that licked the shorelines tarnished sand
and cause a swell within the bay.

Hope was blown through open doors
across the green beyond the street
to fall amongst the rubbish bins
where foxes fought for scraps to eat.

Cobwebs filled a sullen room
as dust would swirl outside the door
where words were mixed with scattered doubts
within the books strewn on the floor.

His life was lost in wishful dreams
across the pond, the waters green
the stagnant smell of rotting weeds
the loss of all that could have been.


This is my poem for One Shot Wednesday, at One Stop Poetry. If you like poetry whether reading or writing why not check it out, opens every Tuesday at 5pm EST (10pm UK)

image courtesy creative commons flickr

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Love Thy Neighbour: A Poem by Pete Marshall

Love Thy Neighbour
by pete marshall

I stared behind a wooden fence
that hid my face from neighbours eyes,
where in my house my love was spent
as dreams would take me back outside.

I stared upon the gap between
that caught my eye, her whitened thighs,
I saw her jump and hoped the hem
would lift up high and gently rise.

A sultry voice and bright red shoes
that danced a beat of wicked lies,
a sirens call on errant runs
where love would hide & I’d oblige.

Today's wonderful image is by photographer Lauren Randolph, who's interview and picture prompt have formed this weeks One Shot Sunday, at One Stop Poetry

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


by pete marshall

I stole a chocolate from the box
that lay discarded on the side,
its sickly taste that pained the root
but warmed the guilt of wicked lies.
Nothing seemed to fill my mind
I stopped, I thought, I paused a while,
then time would drift to where you were,
as hands would search beneath the foil,
where warmth would feel the sticky goo
that oozed upon my lingering touch
and cling onto my fingertips,
your scent, a sin, a wanton lust.
I craved the taste of sugared lips
that felt so sweet upon my tongue,
I sucked the tips of mellow bliss
as you would melt & we came one.


Chocolate is my poem for the award winning One Stop Poetry where I will be your host for this weeks One Shot Wednesday. Opens tonight at 10pm UK, 5pm EST.