Monday, 9 January 2012

The Wreckers by pete marshall

The Wreckers 
by pete marshall

The bells would chime as lowered heads
would march in line to pay their debts
but coppers weighed on ravaged hands
as wolves would bay in greedy clans

And nights would close on darkened rooms
where paths were chose that led to doom
and on the beach from tunnels deep
the ships would breach as wreckers meet

Among the brine the cries of men
that took to crime to feed their bairns
whilst sailors drowned in torrid seas
and booty found beseeched by pleas

They climbed the rocks and journeyed home
as hope would mock their tired bones
but death would lay upon the cliffs
when state would claim their laden gifts


originally published One Stop Poetry 14th August 2010

image courtesy creative commons flickr 

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Natasha Head said...

Fantastic...absolutely! A wonderful surprise in my reader...thank you :)