Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Taken: By Pete Marshall

by pete marshall

Dolores smiled and held my hand,
her touch was soft upon my skin,
her lips were full upon my nape,
her thighs were warm and welcoming.

I felt a breath that chilled my skin
then crept along each vertebrae.
I closed my eyes and saw the joy
of devils dancing on my grave.

As willows hung above the stream
the winds would blow and gently sway,
the cry of lambs within the fields
as wolves would circle in the fray.

The pulse that beat within my mind
that flowed on through my poisoned veins,
the joy's I felt within your arms
upon your bed where dreams are made.


Today I bring you a new Darkened Tale, an offering for One Shot Wednesday, part of One Stop Poetry.

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Not often I get to brag but have you seen this interview? The River Paper started last week and featured me...nice to get a mention once in a while, go to the following link, The River Paper

Cant believe I have written two poems this week! This is now my third week of work and its strange coming to terms with the change. The good news is I am writing  & now hopefully I will also start reading more again.

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Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Shoemaker

The Shoemaker
by pete marshall

I carve the shape of trodden souls,
fastened tight to harden skin,
mallet’s wait for hearts to pound,
for Elf’s to come and roam within.

I’ve lived this life from boy to man
in tangled doubts with callused hands
that stitch the threads of spinners charm,
alone I work, this tranquil calm,
that knows no life thus what I am
a cobbler slaved to work the tan
who hides the loss of wasted years,
who cuts the cloth with sharpened shears.

Yet light will filter deep within
to reach upon this battered stool,
Elf’s will come each darkened night
and  work the minds of bitter fools.


One Shoot Sunday provides a wonderful interview and picture prompt challenge inspired by Rob Hanson, who is accredited to the wonderful image above.