Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone of you that has read, commented and offered so many words of encouragement this year...thank you....see you in 2011........Pete

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

A New Years Wish

A New Years Wish

From all around the usual cries
as revellers stop the passers-by
who hug and cheer and welcome in
A Year to come of hopeful things
but jingle left on Christmas Eve
and sparkle fled on Boxing Day
the sales were blown as greed crept in
whilst those without just watched and prayed

I blew across my fingertips
as icy breath hung in the air
and felt the chill of empty dreams
as lights would flash to sell their wares

The hugs are false as knives are drawn
and dreams are dashed in mornings dawn
whilst goods that sit upon the shelves
reduced as gifts for those with wealth
when pints are downed we venture forth
to hear the joys of New Years Eve
from drunken folk on cobbled paths
who piss on walls and vomit dreams


This is my poem for One Shot Wednesday, part of One Stop Poetry, a great place to share your poetry, a platform to be recognised..

image courtesy creative commons flickr

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Past.....

Christmas Past...

Snow and frost and hardened ground
where spades would strike no earth was found
the morgues would fill with silent sounds
that held the dead from journeys bound

The last I saw were tired eyes
that spoke of death and long goodbyes
and heavy chests and louder sighs
grasping hands and mothers cries

And Christmas Day was wrought with tears
amongst the gifts lay scattered years
the empty chair were once he cheered 
and bottles full of unused beer

But days do pass and time does heal
as Christmas joy belies the chill
with candles lit we mourn the still
and say our prayers for all who’s ill


Christmas is not just a time for children and celebration but also for reflection and remembering. Christmas is always tinged with sadness as we remember those that have gone. The empty chair, the missing presence. 

We lost somebody very close to us just before Christmas a few years back, suicide was to take him, and I dont suppose my wife and I will ever forget. At this time of year when the snow is down and the ground is frozen, the funerals are always delayed as the earth is too hard for burials. The funeral is always a comforting closure to our grieving but as these are delayed so is the mourning. 

Its also at Christmas time when suicide rates steadily increase. If you were to take a walk down any street how many homes lay in the dark? As we all enjoy the festive season let us remember there will always be someone who's life is not want he or she perceived and is struggling on their own as others celebrate, and if we can, in any small part, help them in any way then let that be our gift this Christmas.

Lastly, for all of you have have taken the time to visit my site, read my poetry, share my work and support what I do. Who have offered words of comfort as I have struggled through being unemployed. Who tweet and make me smile, who encourage me with my work, and who have taken that support and followed me to One Stop Poetry...I would like to thank you all and wish the best of seasons greetings and a prosperous New Year!

all the best, and cheers, Pete

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

With Love

With Love

It snowed the night I walked you home
As snow still falls this very day
My heart would beat to whispered sounds
And woke to call your very name

The mist would pass between our lips
And carve a heart that hung entranced
That swirled upon a moonlit sky
And stopped to ask you for this dance

Our feet would glide across the ice
And feel the warmth of youthful throes
That thawed the snow and frosts of life
And held you so you’d never go


Today I wanted to do something special, today I celebrate with my wonderful wife 25 years together. This is my little thank you to her, for putting up with me through all these years, and for giving me my three wonderful children. And here's hoping that the next 25 years together will finally bring her all the things I have ever wished for her. Thank you...with love

I also would like to take this time to wish everyone one of you that have visited my site over the last 7 months a wonderful Christmas and to thank you for all your wonderful comments and continued support. Support that you have also taken over to One Stop Poetry which again I will be forever thankful.

This poem I have also shared with One Shot Wednesday

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Sunday, 19 December 2010



Echo’s follow fallen souls
who drift and glide within a tomb
and arrows point to show the way
of paths that lead to darkened rooms

The corridors hold the chill of air
and darkness wait’s in perished dreams
light that flows through broken glass
and life that ends in heightened screams

Dampness spreads across the floor
and creeps upon the tiled walls
where those who once had come for hope
but died as life’s forgotten fools

This poem was inspired by the wonderful image "The Arrow Shot" by Claudio Mufarrege, who has been featured at One Shoot Sunday...check out his amazing photography and join in with the picture prompt

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Fallen Dreams

Fallen Dreams

Your castle walls where built upon
A dream of gold and wondrous things
But dreams will die when trust has gone
And hope will fade when truths are seen
The friends that come will offer words
But words are all they have to say
As ego’s fight for all their worth
Whilst those that gave are left betrayed

Outside your dream the world still moved
And spun as one with life’s new threads
That passed you by whilst others fought
To live a life with hope bereft
When pinched to stir and waken thee
You rubbed the sleep from out your eyes
But all had gone with walls decayed
And all had seen through all your lies

A walk was sought through moonlit streets
That felt the cold of winters chill
Alone you paced the cobbled paths
And touched the pain that keeps you still
As fire fades within your soul
And dreams no longer rule your home
The castle walls will tumble down
And in the ruins … sit alone


I have been in a reflective, melancholy mood and, although this is not one of my best, this was what flowed from my pen.....

Fallen dreams is my poem for One Shot Wednesday, week 24, part of One Stop Poetry. A platform for sharing and promoting poetry. Check out the latest announcement about their forth coming anthology also

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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Return of the One: A Poem From the Darkened Tales Series

The Return of the One

In shallow graves lay withered bones
that once had walked with strength in life
but sharpened knives and broader swords
took breath with Death upon his scythe 

And stones were placed upon the mound
as heathen crowds would gather still
the clans would pray for her return
as winds blew forth a deathly chill

Delores watched from high and far
as songs were sung and blood was splayed
the throats were cut in sacrifice
whilst bodies thrived upon the stage

The Jackal pawed the sacred earth
and sniffed the lust that rode the air
the scarecrow smirked and felt his blade
and knew that life would not be spared

As mist would sweep across the ground
and hide the surge of man and beast
who flashed their teeth in maddened rage
and gorged upon a blood fuelled feast

Delores cried and felt the pain
as clans would strike and show no fear
tonight they died in spite of death
amongst the graves of yesteryear


The Return of the One is the latest poem in the Darkened Tales Series.

I also share this with One Shot Wednesday, part of One Stop Poetry, a great platform for poets to meet, share, learn and embrace, which starts 10pm Tuesday night and remains open for submissions all day Wednesday

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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A Cold Touch

A Cold Touch
a poem by pete marshall

Beneath the ice the fish still swim
as sacks lay strewn around the bins
where food is dragged from bags that split
mixed with snow and dirt and grit
sprawled across the concrete street
where foxes sniff for scraps to eat
and people tread and slip on slush
or slip on turds beneath the crust

The frozen earth and crumpled sounds
of angels dancing on the ground
and children sleighing down the hill
A snowball thrown, a wondrous thrill

Inside a house of Christmas scenes
the old will freeze in log fuelled dreams
and cars still churn their poisoned fumes
that stain the snow from white to gloom
the shops will sell and clear their shelves
as panic mounts a war with wealth
whilst those without will be the damned
as winter grips this wonderland


Snow has hit the UK!!!!!

This is my poem for One Shot Wednesday, part of One Stop Poetry, which is a great weekly platform to help promote your work, make friends & learn new styles. opens tonight at 10pm UK time

image courtesy of creative commons flickr

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Where are they now?

Where are they now?

Over at One Stop Poetry is my new poem, 
Where are they now? A reflective look at my teenage years.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Self.......A poem by Pete Marshall

by Pete Marshall

She felt the chill of yesteryear
that touched her skin and scratched the spine
and blew through hope and distant tears
and curdled screams within her mind. 

She hung across a kitchen sink
with wrist that limped upon the bowl
A knife in hand that grazed her skin
in cries of help for none to know.

As waters steamed to scalding hot
the blood would swirl and run to clear
her tears would fall beyond her cheeks
in cries of help for none to hear.

She washed her hands and gently rinsed
the blood that stained her calloused skin
that bore the scars of OCD
and life that pained her thoughts within.


Reading through the poems of last weeks One Shot Wednesday one poem touched on me personally. It was by chance that Shewriting, AKA Sheila Moore, was spotlighted also at One Stop Poetry by Dustus a couple of days later. It was her poem She Writes LOVE on her arm that i am reffering. 

The poem stood out as it touched on a subject that hit a nerve, it wasnt about me but someone I know and am very close too. Her poem left me thinking about this person and that is why I have written my piece today.

Sheila wrote her poem in support of a charity, To Write Love on her Arms, which is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to present hope and find help for those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.

Although I am a UK poet, I completely agree and support this cause. In the UK I have also used my work and my position with One Stop Poetry to support various similar causes.

Recently I did a spotlight on UK award winning poet Mat Lloyd and his poem, Blokes which was in support of the UK Charity C.A.L.M which does so much work to try and reduce suicide amongst young men within the UK.

A previous poem that I had written, Broken, was also in support of M.I.N.D, which is a UK Charity for better mental health.

Mental Health is an issue that still is treated sceptically by so many and yet throughout the World so many people are struggling to come to terms with their problems, when at times, all they need is somewhere to turn, some help to prevent them from suffering or, even worse, finishing their own lives. The Internet often gets bad press for the things that can be viewed and seen and how it can be used for bad things BUT the Internet is also a very powerful tool for helping unite people, throughout the World, and offer them hope... Together we can raise awareness on these issues and spread the word of so many good causes.

I have shared this poem with One Shot Wednesday, part of One Stop Poetry, which opens every Tuesday at 10pm UK time, 5pm Eastern Time, and remains open all day Wednesday. One Shot Wednesday is a platform where you can share your work, promote yourself, meet other poets and, generally, enjoy poetry

Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Riddle of the Fish

Albert Einstein posed a riddle and said that 98% of the worlds population would never solve it! The riddle was the Riddle of the Fish? Today Poetry and science intertwine, at One Stop Poetry, as I ask you who has the fish?

Are you prepared to take the challenge?

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Robbers Bay: A Poem by Pete Marshall

Robbers Bay
by Pete Marshall

The sunset burned the Autumn sky
as waves would lap a gentle sway
that rocked the berth of one's desire
alone she moored in Robbers bay
and legend told of love that passed
that sailed the lake in summers heat
when boats would glide across the mere
and hearts would dance a merry beat.

But storms would come as waves would rise
and mar the blues of darkened skies
that played a song, a maudlin weep
as truth was told in eyes that seek
and on that day her love was spurned
as two would fall and one return
and from the deep she'd clasp for air
and mourn the one who brought despair.

The trees that stood in silent peace
had watched the flow of centuries played
this eve they watched a broken heart
that chose to act the legends play
and as she fell beneath the blue
the ripples softly spread afar
as breath would leave a broken soul
the boat would float beneath the stars.


A few weeks ago I wrote a poem, The Estuary, which featured artwork by a local artist, Donna Cove. Tonight's poem has, again, been inspired by her pastel drawings. 

This picture was called Robbers Bay, a name she admits, she plucked from the air, but the image, a lonely boat, the burning sunset and deep blues, coupled with its title, inspired myself to write a tragic love story. I hope you enjoy not only my poem but also the wonderful art of Donna Cove

This poem has also been entered into One Shot Wednesday, part of One Stop Poetry, a place which celebrates both new & old poetry alike. If you would like to participate in One Shot Wednesday it opens 10pm UK, 5pm EST every Tuesday night and remains open all through Wednesday, closing Thursday morning

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Homeless: A Poem by Pete Marshall

by Pete Marshall

Water soaks through shredded news
That’s wrapped around a hungry heart
And as I walk in heelless shoes
I wonder forth around the park.

The nights are cold and days are long
My mind replay’s where I went wrong
And rain will soak and wash my tears
Where strength resolves to show no fear.
And last nights meal was found in bins
Of salad tossed in throw out things
And smokes are found upon the floor
The stubbed out tabs I barter for.
The children stare as mums walk past
A school runs joy a nervous laugh
That sees no soul as thoughts are cast
Their eyes look down and cross the path.

My callused hands and grubby nails
Grip plastic bags that hold my life
And heelless shoes pace endless trails
That tread beyond this bitter plight.


This poem has been written for the One Shoot Sunday picture prompt challenge

image courtesy

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A Christmas Wish: Poetry by Pete Marshall

A Christmas Wish

Darkened nights have come too soon 
As daylight saves the winters day
The wind that blows and rocks the trees
Its branches dance a frantic sway.
The spiders webs have disappeared
As rain has washed them all away
And hope is lost as candles burn
To save the lights of yesterday.

When hope will ride across the sky
And bring the joys to all who’s good
Your children’s eyes will open wide
And feel the pain that neither should.

For Tuesdays child is full of grace
Yet dares to ask what angers me
As wind blows through those hidden gaps
And chills the souls of all who flee
From truth that waits on Christmas morn
When roots are shown beneath the tree
And children's tears are all too real
As gifts are passed from you and me.


Every now & then I receive an email, or a Twitter, thanking me for my collection of poetry about My Struggle With Unemployment. This is a collection of work that is very real to me, and the comments that I receive are very uplifting...because these comments aren't praising my work but actually thanking me for writing this series as it has helped them come to terms with their own struggles. Although it doesn't help my situation it does lift me to know that somehow, somewhere, my words have made a difference.

I haven't written something for this series for a while, thankfully I have had One Stop Poetry to keep me busy as I threw myself into its creation, but yesterday I received another kind email which in turn inspired me to write A Christmas Wish.

We are now into November, the nights are longer, the rain is falling heavily and there is a serious chill in the air, yet Christmas is coming and as I am still unemployed money is even tighter! This poem is a reference to my hopes, that I am able to give my children a magical Christmas and bring them the presents they so deserve for they are wonderful people that I love dearly.Yet in their innocent eyes they will gauge their gifts on whether they have been good or not...and I so do not want them to think they haven't. I will struggle through Christmas and I will make it special for them...but at what cost? That's the bitter pill that unemployment brings.


I have entered this poem into One Shot Wednesday, a special day that unites poets, every week, from around our globe at One Stop Poetry. Opens 10pm UK time, 5pm Est, Tuesdays and open for submission all day Wednesday.

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