Monday, 9 January 2012

The Dawn Chorus

The Dawn Chorus
by pete marshall

I felt the chill upon my face
that urged my mind to open eyes
I heard the tune of morning song
as light would waken from the night

I heard the wind blow through the trees
as children stirred and stifled yawns
I smelt the bacons wafting scent
that welcomed in a summers dawn

The ground was wet with morning dew
that glistened on a fallen leaf
and as I cupped my steaming mug
the coffee found my lost belief

I looked out far across the fields
and watched the crows that ruled the sky
I watched you slice the crusty bread
and let the time just pass on by

I heard a noise that brought me joy
as children laughed from deep inside
beneath the quilts and sleeping bags
they  wiped the sleep from off their eyes 

I laughed at hair and ruffled clothes
that sat beside and watched the dawn
and though the chill would keep us cold
the taste of bacon kept us warm


originally published at One Stop Poetry 31st July 2010

image courtesy creative commons 

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