Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Pale Horseman

The Pale Horseman
by pete marshall

Alone he rode through darkened nights
beneath the seas of raging storms
beyond the realm where others fight
to feel at peace, alone, forlorn.
Yet was this not a personal choice
where trust was found upon one's steed
to ride afar than use one's voice
to swing one's sword with bitter ease?

Darkened nights gave way to spring
the storms are just a tempests swirl
alone but full he found his place
then drew the curtains on this world.

In time they came to beckon thee
for legends spoke of mighty strength
the spinners weave embellished tales
yet battles fought had left him spent.
His steed had passed from journeys long
across the moors & winding roads
but never more to be alone
not now or then whereon he strode.


Today see's the final One Shot Wednesday, the end of One Stop Poetry and as sad as it is to see a wonderful venture close, the legacy of One Stop is all around, and can be seen in all of you.

It saddens me also to see others drawn in to a debate as to the whys & wherefores of why One Stop finished. The reason is simple, without one there is none.

If you were to read my pages both here & at One Stop over the last few months then perhaps you would also read that I was taking a back seat, in truth I had lost my passion, enthusiasm & muse, and could not be involved in something that I was struggling to participate in. Perhaps the reason that One Stop closed was because of this and me?

I do not wish to read anything further on this matter. One Stop has closed and we have all moved on to other things. At the moment I am taking a rest, so is Adam, Leslie is looking into other ideas whilst recuperating, Chris is moving and both Bri, Claudia & Gay are launching a new project, d'Verse, which begins tonight.

In time other communities will surface, we already have The River, which is a great bi-weekly newspaper.

One Stop was a great idea but stars will fade. I am sad that it has passed but I have been sad for a long time and perhaps that sadness was the start of its closure. 

I have always said, Poetry is the Winner, and it is poetry that unites, good life to all......Pete

image care of creative commons flickr

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Ruined: A poem by pete marshall

a poem by pete marshall

Walls were built, bards would sing,
rendered words, hardened seams,
rotting beams, timbered dreams,
weed's that grew a wondrous green.
Stones that spoke of many tales,
weathered shrines, holy grail’s,
cracks beneath a plastered veil
lost beyond entangled trails.


I wrote this poem for this weeks One Shoot Sunday, but also felt that it should be aired today. I would like to say a big thank you to each and everyone of you that has been part of One Stop Poetry, cheers Pete

Today is One Shoot Sunday and this stunning image is provided by accomplished photographer Neil Alexander.

Today is One Shoot Sunday, which see's both Adam & Chris wave goodbye. Today has also seen Claudia leave. Earlier this week Brian waved his goodbyes, as I yesterday. Today is a sad day.