Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Pier: A Poem by Pete Marshall

The Pier

I walked along these wooden planks
as wind would lash and tear my face
the seas would crash beneath my feet
and rain would strike my inner faith

my eyes stared down as feet trod forth
my coat was buttoned, drenched but warm
the gulls would screech and ride the storm
as depths were dredged and hope reborn

upon these planks that Satan swiped
who’s bombs would fall in darkened nights
but seas would swirl and hold its strength
as planks were walked and centuries spent

A tram would pass and catch my eye
as lovers kissed a mile goodbye
A child waved through misty glass
the planks were heavy, wooden paths

and blackened skies and cloudy greys
that hid the shores of Kent’s parade
would mark a time when boats would rise
and clouds would clear from weeping eyes

In the Thames Estuary stands the longest Pier in the world, Southend Pier, reaching out to 1.34 miles. There are times in my life when my mind needs cleansing and there is nothing more refreshing, whatever the weather, of a walk along this Grade II listed landmark. 

The Pier has a history dating back to 1830. It has been spoken of by Sir John Betjeman, mentioned in the Hitch Hikers Guide to The Galaxy, and thwarted Hitler's plans as a major landing stage during World War II, serving over 80,000 ships. To me however, the Pier is and has always been part of my life. As a child my parents would often taken me on weekly walks along this landmark and today I still enjoy and celebrate its beauty.

This is my poem for One Shot Wednesday, run by One Stop Poetry, a fast growing site dedicated to poets & writers of all genres.

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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

In Search Of Albion: A Poem by Pete Marshall

In Search of Albion

I wandered down a beaten track
That led to paths no longer seen
Where once we walked in years gone by
But covered now by fallen leaves

The ancient paths can still be found
Beneath the concrete thoroughfares
Where rowan grows by roadside cafes
And thrushes sing in Autumn air

The frogs will always find their home
Where once the streams ran wild and free
Beneath this land of brick and steel
Where people fought to own our green

The signs are there on roadside names
That tell of tales from long ago
But life is led at such a pace
The past has gone before we know


History is all around us but in our fast lives do we ever stop to notice? The UK is steeped in history, our street names, pub signs, the list is endless.....perhaps, just once, we should stop and pause for a few moments and wonder where we are and what it was once like....


image courtesy creative commons

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A Stranger Within: A Poem By Pete Marshall

A Stranger Within
by Pete Marshall

What lies within a secret mind
That bars itself from all who know
Its shuttered depths and hidden doors
And keys that only one can stow?

When left to think what does he know
When doors are locked and left alone
And pleasures felt from tip to toe
And hope that comes with dreams that go?

What lies within his deepest thoughts
That keep themselves so far away
Is he the man you know and love
Or is there more he wants to say?

What yearns inside a twisted mind
That aches for times when fun was quick
That hides himself as walls collapse
And plays his hand at dirty tricks?

What lies within a blackened heart
That wants you dead but loves you so
That licks the lips of gluttony
And wants for kicks you’ll never know?

So do you know the one you love
That sits beside and holds you tight
That gives you hugs and shows you love
Then walks the streets alone at night?


This is my poem for One Shot Wednesday, run by One Stop Poetry, a fast growing site dedicated to poets & writers of all genres.

image courtesy creative commons

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

On Higher Hill: A Poem by Pete Marshall

On Higher Hill
A Poem by Pete Marshall

The castle walls lay quiet now
yet high above the rooks still fly
the siege has left in gentle style
and moved beyond the petting farm

The rations came on tartan cloth
and shots were made by touch screen phone
the soldiers fled across the hills
dressed as cubs in summer sun

And walls that once looked out to sea
that saw the ships and pirates flee
stand sad and torn as moss sets in
awaiting flames to welcome thee

The ramparts lay in crumpled heaps
as knights now storm with digicams
and helmets hide their watchful eyes
as I-pods play a wicked sound

And far below before the flats
where tides drift in from Northern seas
the roar of trains that clatter past
on trips to see the English Queen

And blessed with tales from far a field
these walls remain a special place
that stand today as once was then
upon a canvas where they graced


Standing on the mouth of the River Thames, the above picture of Hadleigh Castle was painted  by the great English artist, John Constable, in 1829. Today, not much has changed. In two years time the location surrounding the ruins of this wonderful place will form the setting for the Mountain Bike events during the Olympic Games 2012. 


This is my poem for One Shot Wednesday, run by One Stop Poetry, a fast growing community for poets & writers of all genres to share their work, express and make friends

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Caged.....A Poem by Pete Marshall

A Poem by Pete Marshall

And through this glass you stare at me
yet what I see is nothing new
A person framed for one short time
who looks at me in solitude

Who wants to see me in the wilds
and run the plains like fathers do
that sees me in this small, cramped place
yet comes to see me at the zoo….


This poem is for the One Shoot Sunday picture prompt challenge by those great guys and girls over at One Stop Poetry

Dorothy....(A Tale in 160 Characters)

(A Tale in 160 Characters)

Her ruby heels whirled on bricks of gold
Whilst growls would make this Lion start
The Scarecrow lacked all kinds of thought
And Tin Man’s words would show no heart


For more marvellous tales in 160 characters visit monkeyman

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Saturday, 4 September 2010