Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Bring it on

Bring It On
by pete marshall

The sacred towers stand aloft
as gods caress this trodden earth,
Man will hold a pensive breath
when legends walk upon the turf.

The drums will sound to fuel their charge,
a clash of Clans that roar their cry,
through seas of Blue and Reddish hues
upon the stands their flags will fly.

The English dream and Spaniards hope
that rest upon a score and two
who ride the waves upon this storm,
a battle fought amongst the few.

The speed of wit and agile charm
that pierces steel with subtle ease.
The thud of hooves that dances past,
the pirouettes upon the breeze.

No broken soul or beaten man
will see no more than triumph brings,
who scream their cries and battle on
towards the realm of hopes & dreams.


Originally published at One Stop Poetry 28th May 2011

This poem was in honour of the Champions League Final of 2011 between Manchester United & Barcelona

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Hope said...

always a pleasure to read your work, Pete
hope you are well