Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Piper: A Poem That Tells The Tale Of Hamelin

The Piper: A Poem That Tells The Tale Of Hamelin

From out of shadows crept the night
that forced its will upon the streets
as voices drifted on the breeze
A swing would rock an empty seat
A buxom girl in loosened clothes
laughed as hands would paw her breasts
and as they fell on cobbled stones
he rummaged mongst her ruffled dress

Behind the doors the weak would pray
as children slept in hallowed rooms
and voices soothed and whispered psalms
as piper played his lilting tune
the rats would gather from the drains
and twitch their snouts at blackened fayre
but piper passed their gathering throng
and played a song that filed the air
doors were closed and bolted tight
and lovers fled to darkened homes
but children stirred and crept to see
from where the tune would gently flow

And from the windows out they climbed
as beds were left all soft and warm
they followed him beyond the bridge
and out of town and in to dawn
the wails were heard as mothers cried
at rooms where souls no longer slept
the village grieved the rats still played
as Hamelin cleared its final debt

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Brian Miller said...

oh what a wicked retelling of the tale....some great vivid imagery some good flow to it as well...

ready for oneshot!

Kira Stann said...

Awesome version! I found this poem to be so magnetic, yet charming in its telling. Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I like your version far better than the original... the detail brings the story to life.

Wild Rose said...

Fantastic Pete and like everyone i love your version of the Hamelin, glad you posted it. The image works well too. I enjoy your writing and hope for more great poems from you.

Have a lovely week and happy one-shot Wednesday~

Wild Rose (@LarvK)

signed...bkm said...

Now Peter, That is Favorite poem of got me on that one...I love Browning and the Piped Piper...please do more like is bl...dy wonderful!!!....cheers and bravo..bkm

Caty said...

this was fantastic...what a great way to tell the tale of Hamelin! loved it :)

sheri said...

oh my, peter, this is not the way mama used to tell it!! indeed...rather, it was fantastic!! your version really threw me for a loop with a surprising ending that is so much better than the original was. bravo!

Anonymous said...

a beautiful re-telling...a joy to read!

TALON said...

Dark, yes, but a delicious retelling.

Anonymous said...

This is incredibly written. Had to act in a play back in grade school of this, so it also brings up old memories for me too. Awesome! =)

PattiKen said...

your words have such a wonderful lilt and sway to them. I like this so much better than the tale I heard as a child. But I'm glad I didn't hear it as a child. It would have scared the daylights out of me.

Mama Zen said...

This is outstanding!

The Muse said...

Behind the doors the weak would pray
as children slept in hallowed rooms
and voices soothed and whispered psalms
as piper played his lilting tune

MY fav lines...
this is the styling that sing to me amidst the trees.
I like it a lot!

Gwei Mui said...

Amazing what a great achievement and coourages to take such a well known tale and make it your own.
"the village grieved the rats still played
as Hamelin cleared its final debt"
Those lines are so haunting they have a touch of the old and new and resonate

Anonymous said...

brilliant !! bravo !! kudos .. what else for such amazing poem .. it just flows in your mind and stays in your heart :)

anthonynorth said...

That was an excellent retelling.

Pete Marshall said...

thank you all for commenting on this piece..i love history and came across the real tale recently when i was reading an On this day piece...i didnt realise that it was an actual event that took place the 1200's and yes over 100 children disappeared..not quite browning though!!!!

Cor said...

This is a great retelling. It was very captivating and entertaining. I look forward to hearing more great poems.

Suz said...

yes, excellent

heatblast said...

Wow! I thought the whole piper tale's entirely fictional! A story well-portrayed, mate!

kkrige said...

you give wonderful energy to your retelling Pete. Beautiful

Anonymous said...

I forgot how i loved the pied piper so much. thanks for reminding me. and what a way to do it too.
congrats on this one.

Anonymous said...

This is incredible, love it totally, a great way of retelling the tale :D

desk49 said...

No child was lift in the town
To laugh, sing or play
You told the tale of Hamelin
Who stole their kids away
Was he right to play that tune
To charge them such a fee

Nice job.

Pauline said...

I can hear the children's feet moving to the rhythm of this poem - I've read it through several times and am moer charmed with each read.

Pauline said...

that would be more charmed...

Claudia said...

This is fantastic Pete - your version of "der Rattenfänger von Hameln"
Glad it wasn't a Saxplayer - because I would've been on my way with them -couldn't resist... ;o

Jessie said...

i enjoyed the imagery, from this dark tale.


Anonymous said...

THAT had style written all over it!!!
As a kid, I care much for the Piper.. I was just thankful the rats went away. But your version has really gotten me thinking way beyond rats as well!
A Superb fresh take on it, Pete!

Desert Rose said...

Amazing read Pete! i heard that tale before but you wrote your version so well! really enjoyed it..:) you have that way of keeping your readers totally aware and charmed! have a great week :)

Desert rose

JamieDedes said...

Oh, yes! Some stories are better retooled and retold. Wonderful. Fine work, Pete . . . Thank you!

Twilark said...

Oh the lure of the pipes. I really enjoyed this version,it brought to mind my enduring fascination with pipe music. I can hear that music through the lilt of the words.

moondustwriter said...

Those words have put things in the shadows and in dark alleys. A sense of foreboding. Nicely crafted my friend

Smiles from the Moon

JH_Poetry said...

A great read. However, it had a sort of eerie vibe for some reason. Still good oneshot!

Anonymous said...

Quite dark this one, which is just the way I like it. This ought to be a folk song! :)

Christine said...

A wonderful retelling of this famous tale as only you could tell it. Well done.


Anonymous said...

God that was amazing... loved it :)

artswebshow said...

this is fantastic pete