Friday, 2 July 2010

Mr Plush: A Poem That Tells The Tale Of A Bear

Mr Plush

Mr Plush to some is cute
Cuddly, warm, a soft brown suit
With button eyes and patched up nose
Sentiments bought from long ago

Mr Plush sits in his chair
And rocks the rooms foreboding air
His hands tight clasped with eyes of steel
That scream in silence with foul ill will

Mr Plush first built his pile
When played a hand at Falstaff’s trial
He lines his pot and builds his walls
And loves to see how others fall

Mr Plush sits on a chair
Loved by all with cuddles & care
Mr Plush looks down his nose
And hoards the cash that sentiment flows

Mr Plush once had it all
Friends that came to summer balls
But Mr Plush is now threadbare
All have gone & no one cares


image creative commons


moondustwriter said...

Wow pete - I had to read several times. There's alot of meaning sitting behind those worn off eyes. Could be a cutsy poem but the sinister hides beneath the surface

f82bfat said...

great poem. it was reminding me of my first treasured raggedy anne doll until you got to the eyes of steel and falstaffs trial. she was just a raggedy anne, not the bride of chucky doll. i'm not a real "deep" thinker, but mr. plush sends shivers down my spine.

Anonymous said...

I care!

Great poem. Keep shining, Pete!

Anonymous said...

There's a world of meaning there, Pete, chilling undercurrents. Twilark

william said...

excellent poem pete, u are a prolific writer be happy :)

island of peace said...

pete this is simply fabulous!

just loved it.


Alice Audrey said...

Mr. Plush had a chance at something better but was blinded by greed.

Jingle said...

nice to see you new blog...
have fun today!
I enjoyed your visit.

signed...bkm said...

Peter, this is a great site...I have also moved to blogspot.. I have one site called The Beary Thought of it.... at for children's verse and one for my other poetry.... best to you have done a wonderful job with your site...bkm

Emmanuel Ibok said...

Twas a pleasant read. Imaginative!

Cheers, Pete.

Jingle said...

time to vote again,
please scan the links and vote for 1 to 20 poets, thank you in advance!

next Rally post will be on July 21, 2010.

Larry said...

Sometimes Life sucks... Or does it?
Thanks for sharing. I'm posted also
Just follow the link below.
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Thanks for Reading:

Brian Miller said...

i am wondering how i missed this the first time around...wonderful verse old teddy bear evokes quite a bit of emotion for me...

dustus said...

brilliant Pete. Mr. Plush seems out of luck, as well as touch lol Your poem prompts me to consider literary history and a "bear market"... hmm. cheers.

Desert Rose said...

WOW sooo touched Pete! i believe Teddy Bears have their own language,i care and Mr.Pulsh know it:) WONDERFUL!

Kavita said...

Hmm.. the sad story of many a life...
Beautifully put! With many messages in there.. neatly put!
That said, Happy Wednesday!! :)
Life's too short to spend it on miseries :).. right?!

Suz said...

Oh I'm certain that many bears have stories to tell
but HA! they can't
so they sit on a shelf
...loved the photo
and this poem

joanny said...

Interesting use of a teddy bear to hide the sinister nature luring behind that someone has become over time. A reverse take on the story of the "Velveteen Rabbit",

Well crafted and done nicely.


PattiKen said...

Wow, there is a current of evil running through this. Those eyes screaming with foul ill will...yikes! Very effective.

heartspell said...

Mr. Plush definitely looks the part...Great photo and and very poignant theme...should anyone care? Heartspell

Timoteo said...

A reminder that there's more to most of us than meets the eye.

moondustwriter said...

Looking at this again I realize the guy sounds like a lawyer (barrister) or a judge. Heartless and cruel and when he needs compassion - Sorry!!!

Love your One Shot Poetry Pete

Anonymous said...

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