Saturday, 26 June 2010

A Soldiers Tale: My Tribute For Armed Forces Day

Originally written for my friend, Moondustwriter, who did a tribute for Armed Forces Day in America I thought it only fitting to share this poem today as a tribute in honour of Armed Forces Day in the UK. Whatever your beliefs our hearts go out to any soldier that serves, this is my poem

A Soldiers Tale

You walked as one in troubled times
As comrades fell in open arms
Whilst life’s are led without concern
Man gives all on other lands.
And pain is seen upon a friend
As wounds cut deep & scar for life
But deeds are all we seem to hear
As medals hang & gleam with pride.

We doth our cap to all that’s been
And honour those that walked this path
But nights are long in broken dreams
As friends lay still in shallow graves.
And words are said and soft with peace
Whilst fear will stay within your life
And battles fought will always be
The pain you bare & sacrificed.


Image Commons Flickr


PattiKen said...

Lovely tribute, Pete.

william said...

superb Pete, great blog lol thought I was comin to my short story page, same design lol, great tribute to all the guys who support us :)

sheri said...

this was lovely, peter! it always does my heart good to see those who served our countries get the honor they justly deserve!