Monday, 21 June 2010

A Birthday Wish: A Poem From The My Struggle With Unemployment Series

Birthdays are times to rejoice but as adults we tend to reflect & dwell and none more so than when its your own birthday. This year I’m finding it tough.

Those of you that have followed my series will know how hard its been and as I face another year I can only reflect and look at my achievements, knowing that I am living on borrowed time as I worry about the mounting debts and keeping hold of my home.
Writing this series helps, it lets me purge and reflect, I also know it has helped others who are in the same predicament & as I write I secretly hope that this is where my future lies. But these are dreams and wishes to be had on a birthday cake?
The following poem, A Birthday Wish, explores my mood, my hopes, my concerns and my state of mind as another year passes me by
A Birthday Wish 
The morning sun rose in the sky
And soaked the dew within its rays
The snakes would slither across the path
And warm themselves in shallow graves.
A postman’s foot upon the drive
That caught my breath and signalled dreams
But youth has gone and doesn’t last
As bills replace the cards have been.
Another fleck of greying hair
That marks the face of yesteryear
But dreams are sought in hopeful eyes
As children wake to bring you cheer.
A smile spreads across your face
But deep inside you feel the pain
As gifts they bring are cherished thoughts
Of money spent that leaves a stain.
And hope is all but candles breath
That blows the flame of burning truth
We taste the cake of Antoinette
And gorge ourselves on wasted youth.
Whilst on the path the slugs will crawl
As damp and moss encroach your door
And snakes that bask within the warmth
Lay siege as debts hide in your drawer.
Image Supplied Creative Commons 

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Viola said...

Your birthday poem is sad Pete, but I do pray that you did have a nice day in spite of your troubles. I am praying that you will soon find a job. I can see that you find peace in your writing and that is a good thing.