Monday, 21 June 2010

The Scarecrow & The Cougar: Poetry From The Darkened Tales Series

When Van Gogh drew across the sky
He circled stars & captured life
And silver birches shimmer bright
Reflecting moons ensnaring light.
As dreams were told in epitaphs
He stayed beside her fresh warm grave
And clawed the earth with sharpened nails
Afraid to leave this sullen place.
But Jackal growled and sniffed the air
As blood & lust kept dreams alive
And as the yews would sway and dance
He turned his head in search of vice. 
The copper trees have withered stumps
And elms no longer roam the fields
The hedgerows choke on passing fumes
As Jackal preys upon our ills.
And fired light & candles burned
That glowed a hearth of hardened stone
A tingled air & painted lips
Awaited him in cougars home.
He wrestled thoughts from sunken minds
That stained the brains of self neglect
As smoke encircled doubts unwind
Where gin is poured with no respect.
And ragged jeans are ragged things
That hang upon a scarecrows legs
And as a crow would take a perch
He turned his head & snapped its neck.

image used creative commons flickr gforster67

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