Monday, 21 June 2010

The Grove: A Poem Dedicated To A Street Near You - From The Poems That Stand Alone And Stand Proud Collection

These streets that I walk down`
I know them so well
I’ve lived on these footpaths
And tasted their hell
Behind twitching curtains
And dog soiled paths
A mattress that's dumped
Stained with memories and laughs.

And kids wearing hoods
That cover their eyes
Hands in both pockets
But empty of life.
Amid sacks of rubbish
Where innocents play
Drowned by the noise
From vehicles all day

Mornings bring laughter
As school runs begin
Slapped made-up faces
Hide desperate things.
Billowing smoke
From the mums pushing prams
Throwing their smiles
With a fake golden tan.

And shouts heard from windows
Of partners in fight
Bereft of their boundaries
It goes on through the night.
Yet birds will keep singing
And cars drive on past
These streets that I walk down
And their dog soiled paths.



Jerry said...

these kind of streets I have never known...but for the grace of God. thanks for sharing this reality. Nicely done.

Louise said...

a kind of grim reality, and a truth sadly..time to emigrate! :)

barbara said...

"dog soiled paths" deserves that repetition.
It's a well-realized place. Grubby, but real.

Kim Nelson said...

You captured the essence of humanity in this piece. Vivid diction and lyrical flow make it work so well.

Beachanny said...

Quite a look at the world where people must walk; the truth well told. And a wonderful look at where you began with your poetry that has only become stronger, better, well honed with every piece you've written since. I know there will be so much more. One doesn't write this well for nothing. Happy Anniversary Pete. It's a job well done!

C Rose said...

I just loved this piece. I walk everywhere, everyday and these words just sung to me. Wonderful! ~ Rose

RMP said...

a vivid and well described path... so much captured in such a simple walk. lovely.

Brian Miller said...

love the grit pete and i think you were born with your meter...haha...loved this glimpse...what no rally poem...smiles.

Gemma Wiseman said...

A wander through gritty time that only exudes beauty when the poet stirs its dust! Very descriptive!

kaykuala said...

Such a keen observation of normal goings-on which pass us by in fleeting moments. You brought them out alive to be shared. Thanks.

Kerry O'Connor said...

The rhyme and rhythm of this piece put me in mind of a song, which could have been sung by a lonely man, seated on a park bench and reviewing his world. I loved it.