Monday, 21 June 2010

Cinders Path: A Poem That Tells The Tragic Truth About Fairy Tales

She wandered to the waters edge
As tears fell down her sullen cheeks
And as a frog would gently croak
A kiss was far from in her reach

As Cinders swept a dirty floor

Of trampled mud from sisters who
Would want for this & shout for that
Her dreams were washed in soiled gloom

And birds would sing on window sills

As mice would strive to clean all ills
But apples bite would taste so sour
As spindles jab destroyed her hour

And so she slept away from pain

Within her fragile, glass domain
Whilst others cursed at wasted youth
That lay so still in tranquil peace

As knights would ride & pass on by

In search of love to fight their deeds
Yet place a kiss upon her lips
Was all it took to waken thee

But Cinders part had long been played

As caution rode on thickened paths
And as the weeds encircled time
Alone she stayed bereft of love


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moondustwriter said...

Like the new site
very nice my friend
now get writing!!!

Brian Miller said...

hey hey...welcome to blogger...a little bit brighter than the wordpress site. some fairytales do come true though. smiles.

PattiKen said...

Fairy tales always did frighten me. Beautiful people leading tragic lives, hoping for rescue, but more often meeting violence instead.

Brian is right; some fairy tales do come true.