Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A Hidden Truth

A Hidden Truth
by Pete Marshall

A spider clung upon its web
and held onto its social thread
that snared the very soul of life
and danced and spoke of wanton vice

A cuckoo found another’s nest
and there she lay her precious egg
whilst others fed her growing brood
she thought not once of gratitude

A magpie spied a shining prize
and with her tricks and masked disguise
she sneaked on in through open doors
and there she scratched and there she clawed

A wolf would sniff and paw the ground
whilst others rushed and run around
and licked her lips at fat to chew
upon the backs of those she knew

A bat would suck the heart & soul
that gave all hope then let life go
where off she took into the night
to seek out more upon her flight


A Hidden Truth is my poem for One Shot Wednesday, part of One Stop Poetry, a platform to help promote & share your poetry.

One Shot Wednesday opens every Tuesday evening at 5pm EST (10pm UK)..come and join in the fun

image courtesy creative commons flickr


Anonymous said...

Nice write Pete. Love and Light, S

Brian Miller said...

whew quite the journey there animal to animal, and i guess at times we can all rather fit the animal...

Kerry O'Connor said...

Pete, this could be straight out of Blake's notebook - it's that damn good. To be honest, as I read it, I was swearing under my breath, because you wrote each line and I didn't.

Kirie Lee said...

Beautiful. I loved it :)
You are a talented man

Claudia said...

lots of hidden truth in this...seems i know all those "animals".. good write!

Diana Lee said...

Delicious and dark...I love this :-)

Anonymous said...

I think I know these animals too..mostly disguised as shrews in my world though. Tight write Pete x

Beachanny said...

Great poem, Pete. Food for Thought and survival at a species cost. Apt metaphor for the times, I think. Hope you guys are feeling better. I fear I'm coming down with it. I should have knocked wood. YUK.
I admire how you turn everything into really good poems. Thanks, Gay

Dulce said...

hummm yes thought provoking and greatly 'metaphored'in fauna... me liked

Anonymous said...

Brutal animals and brutal truths. I really loved this. I wonder what happens when the spider, the cuckoo, bat, and the wolf all meet in the night. I wouldn't want to be there -- Definitely out of my comfort zone.

This poem is why I like my goldfish.

moondustwriter said...

I guess if people can do it so can the animal kingdom...

Excellent Pete!!!

Anonymous said...

This has a lovely rhythm and strong images - I enjoyed reading it very much

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

wow. it's a jungle out there :)

shewriting said...

we are but animals with souls...or is it the other way around??? ;) Nice one, Pete.

hedgewitch said...

That first stanza especially really hits home. A compelling and dark look at a face of the 'social thread' that strangles more than it ties together. Excellent dark vision that sees all too clearly.

Asobime said...

Very solid rhythm, and strong imagery.

And clear. I love clear!!

Lady Nyo

Kavita said...

Superb, Pete!! Some really stunning metaphors!!
It could be normal in the animal kingdom.. but we humans cannot be pardoned for such deeds (hidden truths as they may be).. and I can bet we know all many such creatures..

A brilliant write!!!

Olivia said...

Has actually set me thinking!

We being human are exhibiting all of those typical species specific brutalities and even beyond and much more!

Raw and true!
Hugs xx

Shashi said...

Hi Pete

Sometimes we have all the animals in our primal instinct and choose to hide it among layers of words and masks... you with each one of your living creature, brought out the animal to feel, to realise, to think about... we are all wearing masks and hoping not to shatter, revealing the reality in us... I enjoyed reading this and could really find all that we are...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
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jen revved said...

vamped..yes? Strong, visual-- a great cadence to this poem. Thanks! xxxj

hpicasso said...

our paraallels are sometimes frightening...whenever I relate man / animal, I smile at the Love bird...they seem to have the right idea...thanks, Pete

Peace, hp

a thought

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Anthropocentricity at its best!

Nice One Shot, Pete!

John Fitzpatrick said...

I just had one of those moments when I thought "bugger I wish I'd written that." Excellent metaphor. Great flow.

Luke Prater said...

you do the Dark Side well, Pete...

Great One Shot man

Luke @ WordSalad

Heather Grace Stewart said...

"A wolf would sniff and paw the ground
whilst others rushed and run around
and licked her lips at fat to chew
upon the backs of those she knew"

That stanza simply rocked!
Nice job Pete.

Anonymous said...

The play of predator and prey that is so easily extrapolated to the human experience. A dark reality written in perfect form.