Sunday, 22 August 2010

Let The Show Begin: A Poem By Pete Marshall

Let The Show Begin:
A Poem By Pete Marshall

The Cockerels crowed 
and Magpies flew
the Wolves would bay
as Black Cats mewed

And Vllains stole
the Citizens pride
behind the Cottagers
Gunners would strive

The Blues were sung
in Tangerine dreams
the sweets were Red
and Toffees cream

The Trotters growled
the Rovers attacked
the Irons were hot
and the Baggies were back

And Devils roared
whilst Potters played
the Pensioners fought
as Latics slayed….


The English Football Season 2010-11 started last Saturday. The above poem is a tribute to all 20 teams competing this season in the I will let you decide.


Image courtesy creative commons flickr


Felicitas said...

I don't know anything about English football but I love your tribute to it!

Pete Marshall said...

Thanks felicitas...not going to reveal though..cheers Pete

Nessa said...

I may have to watch football now you made it sound so lyrical.

Actually, we like soccer. My husband played in high school.

Christine said...

You are so clever. How do you do it?


Pete Marshall said...

hi Nessa..glad you said football LOL...and thanks for reading

Hi Christine..thankyou thats a great did i do this..simply really just mixed it up and out it came..cheers Pete

Alice Audrey said...

Nice tribute. I didn't recognize a thing, but I'm not much of a sports person, so I got a completely different reading from it.

Pete Marshall said...

Hi alice..interesting to know what your take on ot was..but i still aint revealing..cheers pete

Anonymous said...

Ah, football... it's a guy thing perhaps? Hey how's Google treating you? Are the layouts/themes/fonts etc better/worse etc for poetry? (advertising aside)

Anonymous said...

nice tribute man. Cheers :)

Pete Marshall said...

hi luke & jo..thanks for commenting..cheers pete

ninotaziz said...

The EPL is huge in Malaysia. I will place a link to my Main Blog when I write about football next!

By the way, Pete - thank you for the best of compliments when you dropped by - you called me a very talented poet!

That will last me a week - at least!

(We writers are incorrigible, aren't we?)

Pete Marshall said...

hi nino...not at all..i really enjoyed that piece..the link would be great..thanks pete

JamieDedes said...

Ignorant were football is concerned - American and English - but the poem and photo are great, Pete. Much pleasure in it ... if not the game! :-)