Thursday, 10 November 2011

waves by pete marshall

by pete marshall

I saw you look across the bay,
A distant mast, the raging waves

Your ocean gaze that never strayed,
A recent past, the taste of spray

The brine upon a twisted lip,
A bitter taste, a sunken ship

A Wind that blew through auburn hair,
A tidal swirl, a silent stare

I saw a tear caress your face,
A smudge of kohl, a yearned embrace

A storm that blew and tossed the waves,
where love now lies in watered graves


Been a while since I have written but a yearning grabbed me today resulting in this. I hope that yearning stays!

image courtesy creative commons flickr


Chim's World of Literature said...

you have captured this poem well....i like the intensity in the words....
i think ur muse knew why this had to come out today,wish u many more writings..

Brian Miller said...

dude you dont know how excited i got seeing your name in my reader!!!! how are you good to see you...and you have not lost a step in the i hope it sticks around...

love now lies in watered graves...tough line man....

hedgewitch said...

"..The brine upon a twisted lip.." Really somber and moody feel to this one, like that cold ocean wind. Great to see you posting, Pete.

dustus said...

Amazed at how you weave variations of water throughout the poem, both lyrically and visually to enhance mood, backdrop, and emotional content. Conceptually, I think breaking your established pattern at the end works brilliantly, especially in consideration of how you word that final line, Pete. Cheers

Maureen said...

Lovely to read, Pete. Wishing you the very best.

Sheila Moore said...

so excited to see your post. lovely and romantic and yet sad in a way. hope to read more from you soon (no pressure ;)

Pete Marshall said...

hi huys...thanks to you all for dropping by....its been a while but something stirred me...and out it came...lets hope for more

Kerry O'Connor said...

How effortlessly this seems to have flowed from your fingers to the page! Such a melancholy picture you have described in such a way as to make one wonder what the back story might have been. That's what writing is all about.

Christine Ramsay said...

That is so beautifully written, Pete. I love your writing style and have really missed your poetry lately.

libithina said...

'A smudge of kohl, a yearned embrace

A storm that blew and tossed the waves,
where love now lies in watered graves' ~ 'heart touched'incredibly moving Pete ~ that taste of spray ~ and smudge of kohl ~ evocative and then some ~ Lib