Thursday, 17 November 2011

A Broken Home by pete marshall

A Broken Home
by pete marshall

I walked around an empty home
Despite the toys that laid upon
An unkempt bed with duvet drawn
Where Mickey sat withdrawn, alone

Beneath the bed a comfy den
Of cushions , sheets & cuddly friends
Yet mum has gone and taken him
The room lays cold, unwelcoming

And dads alone, beside himself
As tears pour down his reddened cheeks
The life he’d slaved to bring them wealth
Just gathers dust whilst mother weeps


image care of wikipedia


Brian Miller said...

man...emotional piece...the inclusion of the mickey mouse is great touch as well pete...good stuff. and great to see you writing again bro

Natasha Head said...

Pete! This is awful :( I see a fair bit of this in my day've captured the hopelessness so well, and that pic...killer blow!

Sheila Moore said...

a raw and painful read - I love your writing - welcome back!

Claudia said...

woohoo...pete is back with his the emotions, so carefully expressed here...sad piece though..

Christine Ramsay said...

Such a haunting and beautifully written piece. You have caught the despair of the moment so well.

Bunnybear said...

Pete!! :(

Bunnybear said...

I opened a door and a man ran in, filled me with life.
Days of joy and love was rained away, the day his life was filled with strif.