Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Pale Horseman

The Pale Horseman
by pete marshall

Alone he rode through darkened nights
beneath the seas of raging storms
beyond the realm where others fight
to feel at peace, alone, forlorn.
Yet was this not a personal choice
where trust was found upon one's steed
to ride afar than use one's voice
to swing one's sword with bitter ease?

Darkened nights gave way to spring
the storms are just a tempests swirl
alone but full he found his place
then drew the curtains on this world.

In time they came to beckon thee
for legends spoke of mighty strength
the spinners weave embellished tales
yet battles fought had left him spent.
His steed had passed from journeys long
across the moors & winding roads
but never more to be alone
not now or then whereon he strode.


Today see's the final One Shot Wednesday, the end of One Stop Poetry and as sad as it is to see a wonderful venture close, the legacy of One Stop is all around, and can be seen in all of you.

It saddens me also to see others drawn in to a debate as to the whys & wherefores of why One Stop finished. The reason is simple, without one there is none.

If you were to read my pages both here & at One Stop over the last few months then perhaps you would also read that I was taking a back seat, in truth I had lost my passion, enthusiasm & muse, and could not be involved in something that I was struggling to participate in. Perhaps the reason that One Stop closed was because of this and me?

I do not wish to read anything further on this matter. One Stop has closed and we have all moved on to other things. At the moment I am taking a rest, so is Adam, Leslie is looking into other ideas whilst recuperating, Chris is moving and both Bri, Claudia & Gay are launching a new project, d'Verse, which begins tonight.

In time other communities will surface, we already have The River, which is a great bi-weekly newspaper.

One Stop was a great idea but stars will fade. I am sad that it has passed but I have been sad for a long time and perhaps that sadness was the start of its closure. 

I have always said, Poetry is the Winner, and it is poetry that unites, good life to all......Pete

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Anonymous said...

beautiful write...sorry for the close of one stop

Brian Miller said...

pete, you have always been essential at One Stop and in my life the last couple years...even before one stop...thank you for standing by me when i took my own break through the holidays, ever an blame need not rest on your or anyone...we had a great team, each bringing their own spice to the mix...

love your verse, i learned a lot just reading you on making my words sound good.

find that muse, i cant wait to read.

much love,


Diana Lee said...

I'm so happy to see that you've written today. You have always been a kind supporter of my writing and I appreciate you more than I can say Pete. Happy is my wish for you x

Joseph Hesch said...

I was thrilled to see a link on Facebook to a new poem from you. I wish I had the capacity to express my feelings in such an elegant way as you did here and always have, Pete. Don't think I ever will.

But it was you who encouraged me to just keep at expressing myself as ... myself. I miss having you "nearby," my friend. I hope to see you more in the very near future.

Best always, j.

jen revved said...

Stop blaming yourself. I got it write, according to several people. This is a beautiful poem, Pete. xj

jen revved said...

I meant to write "right"-- :) j

Dulce said...

stars like you will never fade, Peter.
I am glad the horseman opened his heart and let go... and thus hope's never lost.

Glynn said...

The wonderful thing about legends is that they don't die - they become part of all of us. Like One Stop Poetry.

Victoria said...

Perfect poetic tribute to the end of One Stop. Gave me a feeling of Poe.

Luke Prater said...

And all good things to you my friend in whatever you choose to do now. I hope you stick around on the net socially at least :)

velvetinapurrs said...

lovely poem Pete, hope you have a great relaxing break, and reconnect to your vital poetry force...

Heaven said...

Thanking for sharing this lovely poem, as well as all for the hard work you have done for OSP. Funny that I found my muse and courage to write a few months ago, and my life has changed. I hope you find your path and passion ~

All the best to you and cheers~

Claudia said...

there's much of your heart in these words..and i got the feeling that your muse is about to return. thanks again for what you've done -and once more..i have high respect for you pete and hope to see you around..much love your way

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

Thank you, Pete.
May the muse tickle your ear and ignite your pen soon.

Joanne Elliott said...

Lovely and lonely.

Patricia said...

Your poem is beautiful. Your service to us is unforgettable. One Stop has changed me for the better. Just think, I might have been doing crossword puzzles and playing scrabble for the rest of my life... (ugh). No explanations, no excuses, no exhortations... simply put, You are an example. Thank you Pete. Blessings to you.

Elizabeth Young said...

I particularly like this kind of a traditional, poignant poem and you have done it wonderful justice here Pete. Written in truth and shared in truth. Thank you.

Anthony Desmond said...

you write amazing poetry pete... enjoy your rest man, your muse will soon return... much love.

lynne h said...

Pete.. although we never read each others words alot, I personally want to thank you for One Stop.. Beautiful vision made a reality..

This poem is really good.. It's not easy to pull off rhymes and you my friend did great job.

lynne h said...

Pete.. although we never read each others words alot, I personally want to thank you for One Stop.. Beautiful vision made a reality..

This poem is really good.. It's not easy to pull off rhymes and you my friend did great job.

Andy said...

Hello Pete.
I did not know you long, but I want to thank you for exposing me to so many great artists & poets with One Stop.

There comes a time in life when we must change our path. Some won't agree with the change and will try to hold you back. Others will offer support and encourage you on your new journey. I wish you the very best in this next chapter of your life.

Good luck, my friend and may your muse rein strong when it's ready.

Pat Hatt said...

Great write and, hope your muse sets in soon and everyone needs a break. As you say more will pop up, hopefully strengthening the community onestop helped create.

Mark Kerstetter said...

Pete, I never had a chance to get to know you, but in recent days I've seen you demonstrate grace and dignity. I hope you find your muse again but above all, peace.

Anonymous said...

I see much passion in your piece. Beautiful told like a grand tale. Whatever is next... I hope you don't lose your writer's voice.

Maureen said...

Wonderful to see a new poem from you!

To quote John O'Donohue, "May you arise each day with a voice of blessing whispering in your heart."

hedgewitch said...

The sad feel of legend and epic is in your poem, and the journey has been all of that. From laughing with you on twitter, to benefiting from the free and open poetry world you created with your team at One Stop, you have enriched my life, Pete, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. May all that is good and right be with you, as it is in you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful writing - I am sad about One Stop

Gemma Wiseman said...

The other worldly turns of phrase and the touch of "thee" give your poem the ambience of legend. I thought of the old poem "The Highwayman" - the rider marking his own journey. You are that rider eking out your own identity.

Thank you for drawing me into your poetry community. Always enjoyed your comments on my poems.

Mama Zen said...

A beautiful write, Pete.

Sheila Moore said...

your poem is epic, you rock, and I'm quite confused about all of this talk of losing your muse because your muse is ALL OVER THE PLACE in this post....maybe its trying to find YOU. Hope you don't hide for too much longer....only for as long as it takes.

sending poetic love, light, and peace across the world to you.

many blessings,

Anna said...

May your sadness be turned to joy...and may you find your muse and write just as you wrote the beautiful poem above.

Divya said...

Lovely write ... Pete.
All the best :)

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Placing blame is a waste of time...

Onto the next adventure!

Joanne said...

Blessings, dear one. And what a great traditional piece! Takes me back to those English poets of the 18th and 19th centuries, and as an Anglophile, I love a good tale of derring do, even when written from the place of loss.
Also, sorry about One Stop, but we seem to have something new (dVerse). Birth following ever on from death, as always. The world is open to you, and all of us as long as we express and share.

C Rose said...

Absolutely beautiful piece to pay your farewells with Pete. My best to you! ~ Rose

kaykuala said...

One Stop Ends but sparks off new beginnings at other sites with new enthusiasms. The 'steed' is riding high still and the followings will grow I'm sure.I will follow on, yes!

Beachanny said...

No matter how long you live, life as a human is not very long. Writing is an outlet. "A writer writes" is true, but not all the time. "To everything, time, time, time and there's a time for every season under heaven". For now, the season for you has changed. Your life and family needs you. Do not be sad, our Pete, for our love will buoy you. We have the works you've written, and with angels and the grace of God, more will come to the world in your next season to write.
Wishing you peace and prosperity, my good friend!

kez said...

thank you for allowing me to feel I could do something,be it good or bad ,when I really needed it.The world needs people who allow other people some grace in dignity no matter how small ...I hope you find your closure on your struggles but your hard work and contributions have allowed people the freedom of constructive expression ...thank you
Your poem was lovely and beautifully written, wishing you and all your family the best.

Laura Lynn said...

Great poem Pete! I hope you again find you muse. I have been in that boat and it is a sad miserable boat. You have been a true inspiration to me and have helped me break free and again find my muse.
Just because One stop has ended does not mean it is the end.....memories last forever and so many were blessed with inspiration on this site. I hope you find the inspiration to let the pen again flow. Love your work!

June_Butterfly said...

One Stop will always be one of the greatest thing that ever happened to me.It opened doors to my words and made it possible for me to know real great writers.THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

As there are beginnings there will be an end.And that's how great memories are made!!!

I was on the verge of breakdown when I first came to One Stop.But as I pour my words out I was able to move forward.Sorry I wasn't able to comeback earlier to express my gratitude.