Sunday, 16 January 2011

Forever in Blue Jean's

Forever in Blue Jeans

Poverty pinched on denim jeans
that sat above her hard earned shoes 
and he’s the boy from up the hill
where social heights will sing the blues

She works the line from 9-5
whilst daddy pays his college fees
yet money’s tight and honey talks
and love is found  inside her jeans

He stole a kiss behind the shack
where beers will flow too easily
and spoilt kids with far too much
will take a hint of ecstasy

But love was found within the shade
where hearts would melt on shabby walls
and there they kissed in shadowed light
as denim jeans were lost with fools


This is my poem for the One Shoot Sunday Picture Prompt. The amazing photograph has been taken by Katherine Forbes who's wonderful interview can also be read at One Stop Poetry


Jerry said...

Whoa Pete...Neil Diamond gone wild. Seriously a tale all too true. Like I always say youth is wasted on the young.

Carmela-J said...

You finished it I see =) love the rich / poor contrast - evokes a very deep truth from the picture that I didn't notice before. Enjoyed your take very much.

dustus said...

Awesome interpretation of the picture. A poetic tale of love crossing from both sides of the proverbial tracks. Some really great puns as well (Love the line where honey talks). As usually, a seemingly effortless flow to your lines, Pete. Excellent poem!

Greyscale Territory said...

Beautiful! Especially love the meltdown of social status in the last stanza!

Brian Miller said...

a little ditty about jack and diane...smiles. that song popped in my head brings down barriers and at times makes little sense but hey thats love...

Anonymous said...

Sort of like a modern day Romeo and juliette. Great stuff Pete, stolen moments behind a shack. Lived the flow x

hedgewitch said...

Fools and their jeans are soon parted, but here without too many regrets I think. Enjoyed the lilt of the cadence and the simple but always replaying story. Nice one, pete.

Katherine said...

Pete- This is AMAZING!!! I LOVE the words you put to my photo!!!! As a poet myself I can really appreciate this even more! Thank you for making me smile! :-)

Anonymous said...

You added an extra layer of angst with the social status ~ looking at the photograph after reading your poem, I noticed her jeans are torn, his tennis shoes spotlessly white. A perfect poem, Pete. Loved it! ♥ dani

Anonymous said...

A nice one!

Alegria Imperial said...

"...where hearts would melt on shabby walls..." what a sweet poem, Pete! I love it especially with the rhyme and the meter. Thanks for sharing it.

Sumit Sarkar said...

Nice interpretation..
love it :)