Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I Too by pete marshall

I Too
by pete marshall

I too, like you
have sat alone
with flickered thoughts
caressed by screens
that weave, entice and play my mind
with words you spun from make believe

I too, like you
have once embraced
the words that flowed 
upon my page
that weave, entice and play my mind
then left me spent and wrought with rage

I too, like you
have once felt peace
escaping from
my troubled times
that weave, entice and play my mind
blurring life from words unkind

I too, like you
now sit alone
my words are spoke
for none to know
that weave, entice and play my mind
for words are spurned, now cease to flow

I too, like you
thought once a friend
who hung onto 
my every breath
that weave, entice and play my mind
who yearn their loss upon ones death


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Diana Lee said...

Despite losing your interest in writing/blogging, as ever, your words have impact and are fueled with emotion. I've missed your writing.

Brian Miller said...

love to you my friend...sorry that you are struggling so has def been for the long haul for you as well...any thing you need let me know..even though i am on the other side of the pond..i have missed you as well...

Claudia said... sorry to hear this...sending you warm hugs from freezing cold germany and you know how much i respect what you were doing for one stop..hope that things are developing in a good way for you soon..

Joanne said...

A wise person I know once said: "When everything changes, change everything."

I feel the sinking, yet the beauty and skill of your writing shines for all of us.

Big hugs are all I can think of right now.

Nicola said...

I am sorry for your frustration, for the place you find yourself in. Your writing is beautiful and I hope that during this difficult time, you manage to continue with it. Sending you many hugs and hope the fog lifts for you soon. x

Beachanny said...

Oh Pete just now saw this. As I said I've been so out of pocket. Know my prayers have been and continue to be with you. It breaks my heart that things are so brutal for you. I know there is sunshine ahead in every life but it's such a struggle when you're in the dark. It requires so much courage and self-sacrifice to put one foot in front of the other.

I hate the loss of One Stop. I would have helped if you'd let me know before it closed. I could have at least done that. It hurts my heart as well to see it go, but more it hurts my heart to know how much you suffer.

Perhaps it's as well. We're all getting ripped off. There are people outright stealing some folks work. I don't know the answer. I think some of my poems are pretty good, but I count so many greater poets than I am here.

It's a struggle to keep up. I have a new poem for my article up today. I like this poem. You capture the essence of writing and blogging and as with all your poems, your voice is unique and your structure is the binding between your writing and your readers.

Sending as much love as counts,

Dustus said...

The "I too, like you" sound— like initial stitches, building momentum which balance very well with the final lines of your stanzas—forming a solid overall tapestry that maintains fluidity. Happy to see you post Pete.

Hope said...

I wish you all the best in the world Pete. You are a mastermind at poetry and the poet I aspire to. Thank you so much!

ninotaziz said...

Dear Pete,

I hope you remember me. During trouble and leans years, we hide from the world and from ourselves the best we can.

There was a period I did not write for a lifetime. It was the bleakest moment in my life. But they say, smile - and it will automatically lift you. Perhaps it is the same with writing. Write - and it will definitely inspire you. To live.

I am sure I Too gave you the comfort of pouring your sadness and frustration out so that it did not have to be contained in the vessels of your heart and become a burden to the rest of you.

Smile to the sun, Pete. And I will smile with you on this side of the Blue Marble.

Anonymous said...

God I missed your words.Been loafing about like a spare tool on my own in the blogosphere, we all have fits and starts babe, find your strength in the things that bought you out in writing. Huge welsh hugs from a hobbit. Love ya man x

Anonymous said...

Hi Pete! Awesome work here. I´ve never read you before. Now you have one more follower.
BTW, i´d be honoured if you read some of my poetry:

Thank you and see you on twitter!

luis ullán.


moondustwriter said...

Pete- there are no cheery words I can convey that will make you feel better.
So I will not.
We met on a low side financially for both of us; is art about money and success? I believe all art comes from the core of us; as you change so does the sound or tempo of your work. Silence is part of the work in progress.
I have lost much Pete (home, family, security, friends) but not hope!!!
One Stop was "us" the best we could give at the time. OSP was a great place for poets/ artists to inspire each other. That will continue on regardless of a site being open.
write from your heart Pete whether it hits the paper or not.
You are loved and appreciated by many!!!
miss you Moonie

Anonymous said...

Hi! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group?

Olivia said...

I have missed you. I won't have known what's been up at your end if I hadn't come down to your site!

All I ever came aware of one day that OneStop wasn't happening anymore.

I know all about losses but my saying so won't equate or lessen your pains.

I would love to read you more often Friend...

Buddy, I am right here! Sending loads of hugs xoxoxo

Not across the pond though, this one's from India :)
I was late in catching you but hoping that things have started sorting at your end...

Brian Miller said...

hey man...thought about you today and thought i would pop in and say hi...see how you are doing...

drop a line sometime...