Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Storm by Pete Marshall

by pete marshall

As darkened skies begin to close
storms have gathered in the bay,
 winds that whip, that swirl & sway,
boats that rock upon the waves.
I felt like shit upon the pier,
my hate would spill from deep inside
to spew out forth on your denial
where dreams were thrust through ones desire.

You bitch, you whore, you brazen slut
that played my cock and left me sore,
and licked those lips where once I spent
just left me quivering on the floor.

The gulls have flown as waves still rise,
the cracks, the roar within the skies,
 pain that grabs between my eyes,
dreams are hate I now despise.

Beneath the waves still crash and spray
as I would ride a freakin whore,
who knew the game, who screamed for more,
who stroked my arse to sell her cause.
The boats still float on ravaged seas
as lightening strikes a figure head,
a bolt is cast that strikes her face 
that leaves me short in angered breath.


I haven't been around lately, and life has had a few downs for me too! Today's poem is the first poem I have written since I last posted on my blog, about 3 weeks ago! Things haven't been too good on the unemployment front, everything is starting to catch up, not just the unsecured debts but also the mortgage! A long story that perhaps I will relate some other day.

Today's poem is an angry scream that spits venom at lady luck and the hand she has played.

Its also been a while since I have been involved in One Shot Wednesday, mainly because things had taken such a turn for the worse at home that I just could not face being involved.

All the best.....Pete


image courtesy creative commons flickr


Brian Miller said...

well look who it is...great to see you your cadence as always...a freakin whore eh? oh my...smiles. to better days my friend

Chris G. said...

Good to have you back at it my friend! Your poetry presence was greatly missed... Such a rage in this, a roaring, blistering picture. Sorry to hear of your recent ever, I'm hoping they turn around for you quick, so instead of spitting on lady luck, you can simply laugh at her...

Claudia said...

this is so stormy that i think i need to seek shelter but frickin' good write pete - and like bri and chris - great to see you!

Beachanny said...

Luck is no lady these days..fate is fickle and takes you down just as you're riding the high waves. Riches are not only money and time becomes a treasure here. It's hard to seize the hours, and we must keep reminding ourselves we must. Sending you blessings and much love.

Anthony Desmond said...

damn, this is pure rage... powerful as thunder.. lady luck is a real bitch.

glad to have you back pete.. missed you.

Reflections said...

Sorry to hear that times are so difficult. Though your rage flows freely and powerfully here! An excellent piece tapping into the overwhelming feelings. Sometimes these times are the most transitional for the muse. Glad to see you here!

Unknown Mami said...

May life show you a few ups and not just downs.

Anonymous said...

Ah Pete, that lady is a tramp and we all know this. Don't know what I did to her but she despises me too, and I spit in her face...

Anyway, it's a great angry spout, read smoothly anapests are great and the rhythm of the poem is urgent. Very impressive!

moondustwriter said...

The sea is like a mistress and not a very kind one at times. though those clear sailing days - none can compare

You mastered the sentiment Pete

have missed you!!!

Glynn said...

The rough language is indicative of the pain. Good, and honest, poem, Pete.

Louise said...

deep dark emotions expressed here..and obviously heartfelt...I sincerely wish you & your family better days ahead...really hoping fortune changes it's path soon for you..

Maureen said...

Wishing you peace and a decided turn in luck.

Randy Behavior said...

I don't think you are the only one writing her hate mail these days. Passionate piece.

Sulthana said...

Can feel the pent up rage and anger through those lines.

Sorry to hear about what you're going through. With every down there is an up to follow, so I like to think.

steven said...

i hated her before i even knew who she was. well expressed rage...

Miranda said...

Wow, even though you're in a sucky part of life right now, it sure does give for good inspiration. Very imaginative.
Hope things brighten up

Andy said...

Hello Pete, a very powerful piece from you.

Hope the down days are done and better days are around the corner.

lori said...

i'm not liking her either, and it sounds to me as if she deserves every well-written and passionate word :)

Mama Zen said...

Pete, I wish that you would let go and little and express your feelings!

Seriously, this is excellent. It comes at you quick and grabs you. You never see it coming.

Poetry aside, I hope that things get better.

ayala said...

Sorry about your troubles...the anger expressed well and in a powerful way. I hope things get better soon.

Hope said...

a beautifully written masterpiece once more!

sending happy thoughts and all the wishes your way!

Kim Nelson said...

Hope circumstances improve soon. Have to tell you... this piece felt like you released a lot of pent-up stuff. Nice work.

PattiKen said...

Sometimes a good scream of rage is just what you need. Keep yelling, Pete. Your expression of rage is inspired. I hope better days are coming your way.

Apryl Gonzales said...

It's good to read your words again Pete, passion and guile. Sometimes the best poetry comes from the worst of our circumstances. All the best to you.

LeahJ.Lynn said...

well,blessing to u may all become well you (very)soon.

shah said...

So sorry to hear of your worries. Hope you can sort it out Pete.

Your poem was fabulously angry and I loved the imagery, pace and sentiment. I've so felt like this myself many times - but you know what - I got through it and it wasn't as bad as I thought in the end.

Best wishes for you. Shah. X

Anonymous said...

Masterfully written and the emotion I feel like I was just slapped in the face! Excellent

Olivia said...

oohh! That's intense..

It is stormy here indeed.. Raging n powerful.. a complete dose on hurtful thoughts!

Wishing you of better times ahead..

Many Hugs xox

Asobime said...

The anger and pain in this poem is a sharp reflection of what you are presently going through. And it's cutting to the quick of the matter.

I hope Pete, that your burdens lessen, and you are able to continue your marvelous poetry. I look for it when I am here.

It always has great revelance to life, mine included.


Lady Nyo

Victoria said...

Powerful metaphorical penning, Pete. I hope/pray things get better and that the storm passes soon.

Penny said...

Pete, what a powerful, passionate poem. brilliant job.
I hope things pick up for you soon. Best wishes.

James Rainsford said...

This is infused with very powerful and authentic sentiments.

Anonymous said...

damn...this should have a warning or something...brutally good, would love to hear this in spoken word...sorry to read of your troubles...hope the sea calms soon ~

Heartspell said...

Great imagery of the inner storm compared with nature and the anger at poor luck sabotaging dreams. But sorry for your personal struggle.... Hope fairer weather is in store for you and yours.

Heartspell said...

Great imagery of the inner storm compared with nature and the anger at poor luck sabotaging dreams. But sorry for your personal struggle.... Hope fairer weather is in store for you and yours.

C Rose said...

Sometimes all we can do is write, when the world closes off our sight. I absolutely dig this piece, its venom, its fervor, wow..stanza three! Enough to make that lady luck turn and blush on you. ~ Rose

Anonymous said...

I do hope your luck changes and if you write like this I can't see you being down for wishes for better days.

kkrige said...

Lady luck unkind
to she you beg
turned away you find
ghastly storm's leg

Great drive in your lines Pete. The anger is fierce and unfortunately too real. I wish you well.