Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Her Voice by Pete Marshall

Her Voice
a poem by Pete Marshall

Her voice now fades, her distant beat
that rides the mists of ancient time
where paths once weaved the spinners yarn
beyond the yews  & creeping vines

Its cold again, these biting winds
that blow through gaps in wooden boards
that rattle bones in withered skin
then grasps at hearts with icy claws

The sparkles flow down hollow cheeks
as children wait, she stands alone
beneath the swaying , barren trees
where life is etched on hardened stone

Where hope is lost this winters eve
beyond the yews & creeping vines
on paths that lead where none will roam
bereft upon the mists of time


A little poem and warm Christmas wishes to you all

image courtesy wikipedia


Brian Miller said...

this season it is def light of news of atrocities around the world...hopefully we can come together with those we love and keep some warmth to it....been far too long my is good to read your words...and i hope that life is finding you in better and better places...

Unknown said...

With tragedies happening more & more often, and this weather... the gritty feel of this write mimics my heart at the moment...
And long time no read buddy hope you + fam are well.

Glynn said...

Good to see a Pete Marshall poem again.

Christine Ramsay said...

This poem certainly echoes my feelings at the moment too. So well written. I hope things are looking up for you these days, Pete. I wish you a happy Christmas.

Edi said...

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