Friday, 26 August 2011

What Lay Before by pete marshall

What Lay Before?
by pete marshall

They hopped along this sacred earth
where bones would lay in open graves
picked the worms from rotting leaves
that turn to mulch and then decay

A flap of wings upon a gust
would settle forth within the trees
perched on high to spy the world
tears would flow as all would grieve

Feather’s fell from high above
floating past an open view
they sat upon a window ledge
where dolls would play in solitude

Bars align this sheltered space
hardened steel surrounds the home
boards are trod by strangers who
remove the tiles where magpies roam

Two would sit upon the slate
beneath where dreams of hope now fade
rock is dropped to crash and break
upon the path where gold once lay


Ever wondered What Lay Before? My home has a history and the land is stands on can tell even older tales. 

image courtesy creative commons flickr


Anonymous said...

It always amazes me the emotion you are able to bring across in your words....truly beautiful.

Arron Shilling said...

such a sumptuous rythmn - lulls me into a swoon of admiration. a fine piece of poetry - delicately emotive imbued with exquisite idea
shapes that fill the soul

Brian Miller said...

ah you write them well on the ear enjoyable learning the history of home has little...

steveroni said...

Pete, you without doubt 'see' objects with that perceptiveness reserved for artists.

My home's history is being written-- daily.


Hope said...

enjoyed this very much! thank you!

Claudia said...

you got such a unique voice pete...i bet the place where you live has a lot of history...mine not so much but next door is basle and there's just history in heaps..
and hey - good to see you in the's life..?

Elizabeth Young said...

I enjoyed this piece very much Pete. Coming from England I fully understand buildings that speak, tell whole stories of former times. I also like the soft rhyming and sway of the verse. Well done!

Unknown said...

such a vivid piece pete... amazing stuff!

Brian Miller said...

hey man caught you earlier in the week just swinging back through to say hi...smiles.

Unknown said...

I love the always perfect tempo in your words, this no exception. Beautiful write ~ Rose

Pat Hatt said...

Great job delving into the history and making it come alive with your words, very nice.

Unknown said...

This flows, steadily carrying the reader along the to enjoy the view. I live in a place where history is buried and then churned up with summer storms. It is glorious to be curious, to wonder at the wonder.

Anonymous said...

Pete... loved how the piece reads. The description is wonderful. Love the use of your words.

Maureen said...

Lovely to see your name on the boards, Pete.

Each of those stanzas is like a set-piece.

I like the contrasts here: earth and bones versus hardened steel, for example.

Jannie Funster said...

I wonder what the history of our lot is? Probably not quite this interesting.

The feathers falling reminds me of Icarus.

Gripping piece, Pete! I loved every word.

Ann LeFlore said...

very inspirational and emotional are your words. thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

Great images and stunning rhythm

Chris said...

Beautiful ode to history, to nature and to the tales that places could tell.

Joseph Hesch said...

Did you sit within a character, viewing all these sights and feelings? Because I did. I saw each stone, each bird, felt the cold and the emotion. That's what I've been missing, lo these past few months--my perch within your brilliant imagination and talent.

Tashtoo said...

Ghosts of what once was...a brilliant read aloud (as always) I have recently been returned to the home I grew up in...can be even harder when you have fond memories of the gold...but are now surrounded by nothing more than tarnish and decay...too much, almost to relate to in this, rather than share my life story, I will simply give my humble thanks for having you stop by the pub on a night when I'm tending the bar! Free drinks! Yay :)

Anonymous said...

Always want to know what lay before. It's why I loved living in England so much. The bones of the past are strewn everywhere. Great structure, great flow, great imagery, great story. As Claudia said, a unique and beautiful voice.

Apryl Gonzales said...

love the rhythm, the pace and the power of your words! Well done :)