Friday, 18 March 2011

Legend: A Poem by Pete Marshall


Whence Tristram rode his mighty steed
to claim the hand of fathers pride
she bade him hush and honoured thee
with love that rushed from deep inside

Tempers flare when darkened moods
that grow inside the blackened mind
ignite the seeds of solitude
where screams are all a love will find

A sword is pulled from Arthur’s stone
that dwelled within a shattered heart
which broke the walls of hardened bone
to tear a soul in two, apart

Alone he sits as legends pass
to gently fade and drift away
where idylls sing of distant lore
inscribed in stone for here to stay


This amazing image provided by Brian Miller has formed a picture prompt for One Stop Poetry. This is my poem


Anonymous said...

Well Pete, you put me to shame again! An epic tale of darkening love and lustful folly. Love your lines my friend x

Brian Miller said...

good show....good show i say...have missed me some good english poetry for about 2 weeks it seems...the sword from the hardened heart, i like that a fine bit..pip, pip..your woeful tale is marvelously spun my good chap...smiles.

knot eye said...

I like the way you write Pete...I wish I could...I need a beer now

Peace, hp

Anonymous said...

what a delight to read. Your form of weaving words is nothing short of brilliant.

signed...bkm said...

truly English and lovely, the sword pulled from Arthur's stone... truly a legend from the isle of mists ...always a pleasure to read your work Peter...blessings...bkm

Jerry said...

Well done you.

Hope said...

thank you

Forpuck said...

This is really sweet. Your flow is amazing, as always..

Chris G. said...

Taking us back through the ages with a touch of mythology eh? From Tristram to Arthur...a good little mix of legendaries from the Isles, and ones with a lot of meaning behind them - perfect for for the poetry. Flows easy, reads splendidly in the mind or on the lips; a strong story, beautifully written as always my friend.

Dulçe ♥ said...

Great power given to and from a stone and the legends of those who broke their heart in two and yet needed to ride on...
Peter Marshall you really rock... and it's not a joke.


Unknown said...

this was brilliant and I read it out loud.
the sculpture looks as if it's made of vanilla icecream.

robkistner said...

Nice meter and rhyme Pete...

...rob kistner
Image & Verse

dustus said...

Last stanza flows near flawless. An excellent telling of the legend poetically. good one, old chap

Monty said...

wonderfully written ballad and lovely story, pete :) always a treat to come to your door :)

bummy / monty

Big Sur Blogisphere said...

King George's Bust

There is no good marble form
That is not the distillate
Of mineral waters borne
In the North Country, begins a stream
Flows a while, then disappears, it seems
Subterranean, this water must flow
Hundred of miles to the South it goes
'Till arising again in the Cheddar Gorge
Within this limestone resides a King George
Only upon a valid commission
Will George's likeness likely appear
To wait impatiently in future museums
For a vandal to come and break his ear.

Tiger Windwalker

Shashidhar Sharma said...

Dear Pete

A very beautiful poetry.. I enjoyed it throughly... speically it reminded me of my favorite author P G Wodehouse which was accentuated more so by Brian's comment... of 'pip pip'
thanks for sharing...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

Anonymous said...

Beautiful writing - you transported me :)

Anonymous said...

Tempers flare when darkened moods
that grow inside the blackened mind
ignite the seeds of solitude
where screams are all a love will find

Beautifully woven words Pete. Your poetry is so precise, so intricate and so able to sever the mind that lies in waste. Great use of your sword, your pen!

knot eye said...

who will remember us?...I would like to be a statue of words left in the woods for the seekers to find

Peace, hp

thank you for your support Pete

Peace, hp

Anonymous said...

amazing image--and verses! You tell a great tale in so few lines, and that third verse is just... chillingly tragic.

Anonymous said...

epic elegance!

Bubba said...

Nothing like a has-been, eh? (LOL!)

Nice One Shot, Pete!

Tashtoo said...

The era, the form, the rhyme...yay! I'm swept off my feet, ready to take flight on a brilliant white steed through the lands of Camelot...Bravo! Yay you! All that jargon that in it's simplist form means, AWESOME! (Thanks to Brian for the amazing muse as well!)

Jhpoetry said...

Lol, and I thought I could write some dark. But, it is a passionate piece in the mist of darkness. well written...Nice!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Pete - this deserves to become a legend poem - it's so incredibly good. It needs to be beautifully illustrated and turned into a children's book that parents will covet and read to them over and over again. I think you must have gone to Glastonbury Tor and walked across King Arthur's tomb at Glastonbury Abbey ruins, this reeks of England and the aura of British ghosts wrapped around you. Awesome

Heather Grace Stewart said...

Excellent rhythm and epic storytelling. Your work always entertains. I wish I could hear you read this in person!

Elaine said...

Ah...I love the Olde English in here (I too went that way with my OSW...Sheffield lass that I am).This has classic written all over it!

Kavita said...

Aahh.. a sad tale indeed..
Too many sins combined can only result in loneliness and misery.. (sigh)

A very well written one shot, Pete!

PattiKen said...

I love your epic poetry. You interpret stories in a fresh way, revealing emotions we hadn't seen in the tale before. And, wow, you have a way with rhyme.

Anonymous said...

When I want to step back in time and read the classics, the mythical, I know a visit to your blog will not disappoint. Compelling images, photographically and poetically.

Corbie said...

Shrouded in mythology and of the old times, your poem is musically written to take us on a journey. The journey of a knight long forgotten. I loved this poem. It was written lyrically and flowed beautifully. I really enjoyed it, thank you for sharing.