Friday, 29 October 2010

A One Stop Halloween Celebration

Visit One Stop Poetry this weekend for fun and frolics, scares and chills, as we celebrate Halloween

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Trick or Treat: A Poem About Halloween by Pete Marshall

Trick or Treat!

The clouds would float across the moon
upon a breeze that blew so cold
a howl was heard from distant shores
and clocks would tick for stories told.
A scratch upon a pane of glass
that sent a tingle down your spine
a blanket pulled up close and tight
the hour struck as bells would chime.
And in the road a car would pass
to circle round the neighbourhood
you sat alone and watched the time
as Michael preyed on all that’s good.

The creak of pipes and chilling air
and flickered light from TV glare
a child’s laugh, a withered stare
impaled your mind, alone and scared.

You heard the gate that creaked at night
but never feared its eerie squeak
the footsteps trod on gravelled paths
and knocked on doors for trick or treat.
The lanterns glow shone through the glass
as shadows loomed upon the drive
you felt the hairs stand on your back
as life would flash before your eyes.
And as the door was gently pulled
a face grotesque would stare askew
his mask that came from silver screens
would hold a bucket out for you!


Halloween is fast approaching which gives me the chance to celebrate! Join Dustus & I this weekend as the mischief takes over at One Stop Poetry!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Passion & The Pain: A Poem by Pete Marshall

The Passion & The Pain
by Pete Marshall

As fires drove an incessant burn
that pained the very  path of life
silhouettes flashed across the heart
and warmed themselves upon a knife
who’s hilt was jewelled with sapphire & pearl
and blade was tipped in purest gold
her breath blew air across its spine
as mercury dripped in eyes of coal

An image spurned in mirrored light
reflecting back upon his soul
as nights were dark the bed was cold
and earth was where she slivered home
the blade would shine and captivate
exploring eyes and pain alike
the pearl was smooth and creamy pale
but hard to touch in stubborn light

The sapphire burned upon a wound
that filled the room in crimson red
and spread across the unkempt sheets
and tore at flesh no longer dead
the air was breathed in gasps of joy
as earth lay fresh  upon the ground
the jewels were shared between two hearts
the blade lay spent within the mound


Today I offer a symbolic tale of passion & pain, that so often comes together after emotions have run high, for One Shot Wednesday, part of One Stop Poetry, a great platform for poets from all over the world to unite, explore and promote poetry of all genres. One Shot opens tonight at 10pm UK time, 5pm EST 

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Home: A Poem by Pete Marshall

a poem by Pete Marshall

The door is shut to all who knock
and force themselves upon my porch
for home is where my heart lies deep
where wars are planned and battles fought.
and home is where I take my mind
that hides beneath the flowing robes
but home is where I left my soul
within a room no longer known.

Upon the stairs I hear the cries 
of manic laughs and wicked lies
for home to these is where they play
as thoughts destroy each greying day

And home is where I hear the shouts
of words that fight to pacify
for home is where I lay in wait
and tend the blooms of life’s few highs.
but blooms and weeds remain the same
as both will wilt before they die
for home is where we learn to rest
within the heart of ones desire.


This Thurday, October 7th, is the Uk's National Poetry Day, (@poetrydayUK), to celebrate this day the theme "home" has been chosen. What does "home"  mean to you - the building you live in, the place you came from, or a taste of home cooking?

Home to me is my M.I.N.D, a place that yearns for peace, a place that I wish could live in harmony with me. On Sunday, 10th October, it is World Mental Health Day, whose theme is "Urbanisation & Health", I therefore have written this poem to help unite both causes.

If you would like more information on any of the above please visit the following

M.I.N.D. - For better mental health

World Federation for Mental Health

Uk National Poetry Day

@poetrydayUK on Twitter


This poem is also for One Shot Wednesday, a great platform for poets from all over the world to unite, promote and explore poetry of all genres. Opens tonight 10pm UK time and all day Wednesday, write a poem and share!

image courtesy creative commons flickr